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Training is the foundation of an effective health and safety program. It is a valuable investment which reduces risk and improves productivity in the office and the field. Training in regulatory compliance, health and safety issues, and hazardous materials/waste handling and transportation can also provide your organization with financial benefits, including reductions in insurance premiums, fewer lost-time injuries.

KWA recognizes that training employees is a valuable investment. Since each client’s needs are different, we believe in providing customized training programs developed with your input and to fit your specific operations and schedule.  KWA provides training at your location.  If needed, KWA provides training as a Train-the-Trainer format to enhance your in-house resources.

Do you already have in-house training capability? Let KWA assist you by developing your training program materials.

Fed-OSHA and Cal/OSHA regulations contain over 300 individual requirements for employee training.  The following list is a sampling of training programs that KWA has developed and implemented for our clients.  Online training is also available.

OSHA Training

  • Hazard Communication (Right-to-know) including GHS and Use of MSDSs
  • HAZWOPER 40-Hour for hazardous waste operations
  • HAZWOPER 24-Hour for facilities
  • HAZWOPER 8-Hour refreshers
  • HAZWOPER Site safety officer/supervisor for hazardous waste operations
  • HAZWOPER Emergency response
  • Respiratory protection & fit-testing
  • Permit-Required Confined Space Entry & non-entry rescue
  • Construction Safety OSHA 10- and 30-hour
  • General Industry OSHA 10- and 30-hour
  • Injury and Illness Prevention Plan
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Management/Supervisory Safety Program Responsibilities
  • Office Safety and Ergonomics
  • Lifting and Material Handling
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Electrical Safety Awareness & Arc Flash
  • Lock-out/Tag-out (LOTO) for Control of Hazardous Energy
  • Fall Protection
  • Chemical-specific Hazard Awareness (such as asbestos, lead, PCBs)
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Forklift Safe Operation & Driver Certification
  • Aerial Lift Safe Operation & Operator Certification

DOT Hazardous Materials Training

  • Hazardous Materials Identification (Placards, Labels, Markings, Shipping Papers, Packaging)
  • Use of DOT Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Enforcement of Hazardous Materials Regulations
  • DOT Training for Supervisors
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness for DOT
  • HazMat Employee Function Specific Training
  • Materials of Trade (MOTS) Training
  • Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials
  • Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest

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KWA has proven experience in helping organizations comply with federal and state OSHA, EPA and DOT regulations. We conduct compliance audits to determine if your operations are "up-to-speed".  As a follow up, we recommend and develop solutions for those operations which are not in compliance. Assuring regulatory compliance through an audit can be good insurance, especially considering that the monetary penalties for violations of OSHA, DOT, or EPA regulations can run into many thousands of dollars. KWA provides the following valuable services to your organization:

  • OSHA compliance audit
  • EPA compliance audit
  • DOT compliance audit
  • Agency liaison for environmental/health and safety issues
  • Written compliance plans

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Hazard Evaluations

The specific techniques or methods for evaluating hazards depend on your operations, the hazards involved, and the potential for employee exposure to such hazards. KWA provides this service as a stand alone task for enhancing your existing safety program, or as part of developing a comprehensive safety program.

The list below is not all inclusive, but is representative of activities involved with hazard evaluation:

  • Air sampling and monitoring
  • Noise survey and personal exposure monitoring
  • Heat stress monitoring
  • Environmental sampling and monitoring, such as soil and groundwater
  • Job hazard analyses
  • Certified laboratory analyses for environmental samples (subcontractor)
  • Accredited industrial hygiene laboratory analyses for air samples (subcontractor)
  • Evaluate need for respiratory protection
  • All monitoring and evaluation conducted by a CIH

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Program Development

Effective safety programs require written policies and procedures for managers and employees to use as guidelines. KWA has extensive experience in developing these programs for our clients. These programs can be written as stand alone documents, as a comprehensive safety program manual, or as an element to enhance an existing program manual, depending on your specific needs. Written policies and procedures help assure OSHA compliance, and such written programs are required by numerous Fed-OSHA and Cal/OSHA regulations.

The list below represents examples of safety program policies and procedures that KWA has developed.

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • New Employee Safety Orientation Program
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan for Laboratory Operations
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Program
  • Personal Protective Equipment Plan
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Plan
  • Health and Safety Plan for Hazardous Waste Operations & Site-Specific Safety and Health Plans
  • Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Program
  • Hearing Conservation Program
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Fire Prevention Plan
  • Lock-out/Tag-out (LOTO) Procedures for control of hazardous energy

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